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The Best Flowers For Fall Gardening

The Best Flowers for Fall Gardening

Each season change has beautiful flowers blooming. There are many flowers for fall gardening to choose from in every shade imaginable The flowers that bloom in the fall have some of the richest colors that you will find. . Typically, we see flowers in shades of orange, yellow, red, and various shades of brown. There are also flowers that bloom in deep purples and shades of green. Fall is alive with coloring bursting from all the flowers!
One flower that signals the start of fall is the chrysanthemum, often just called a mum. This plant comes in yellow, burgundy, orange, purple, and green. The flowers can be compact or have spidery-type petals. Mums need a lot of water for the sheer amount of flowers that one plant produces. It is not uncommon for a plant to be about three feet wide with hundreds of little flowers all over the plant. There are hundreds of different varieties of mums available from small green Kermit mums to large yellow fuji spider mums and everything in between. When you are picking your flowers for fall gardening, mums should always be on your list!
Perfect Chrysanthemums
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Roses come alive and bloom like crazy in the fall, especially in the southern states. Roses come in various shades of red, vibrant oranges, and some of the most amazing shades of brown, including the incredibly beautiful Leonidas rose.
Leonidas rose. Used only these for my fall wedding bouquet.
Sterling Silver rose. My absolute favorite rose. Lavender roses have the sweetest frangrance.
Flowers that bloom all fall long are essential to have in a fall flower garden. A couple awesome yellow bloomers are yarrow or solidago. Find beautiful shades of purple in Russian Sage , Mexican Shade and Lavender. People often overlook planting fall crocus, but these pretty purple flowers love to come up as the weather starts to cool down.
23. Solidago cultivars - Guldenroede hersftbloem, bijmateriaal, soms ook gedroogd verwerkt.
Sunflowers should be planted in every fall garden, as they are true symbol of a warm fall day. You can plant sunflowers year round, but look for those that like the days warm and the night’s crisp. Oftentimes the varieties that are bicolor with red in the bloom are for fall plantings. Plant sunflowers at least 12 inches from other plants as they emit a hormone from their roots that stifles other plants from growing too close.
What Plants Grow Well with Sunflowers?
Sweet autumn clematis is a pretty vining plant with soft white flowers. As the season ends, this plant puts on a show for your senses. It has a very fragrant scent that can be smelled all over the garden. Be careful planting clematis though, as it is an aggressive vine that spreads quickly. It is best planted to go over a trellis or at the entrance to your garden.
"Clematis" - my neighbor had these growing about her fence, the large dark purple flowers are stunning.
Bring butterflies to your fall garden by planting asters. These little blooms come in purples, blues, white, and pink. Asters are great to add to your homemade floral arrangement of blooms plucked from your garden.
The hardest part about planning your flowers for fall gardening is deciding what to plant! Think of the color scheme you are going for and search for plants and seeds that match that idea. There are so many flowers to choose from, so little time.

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