Monday, March 30, 2015

Plant Dahlia Tubers

These flashy, colorful jewels can become an essential feature of the mid- to late-summer border, as well as inject life into tired fall gardens.

Plant the Tubers

Once the danger of frost has passed, dig a hole 12 inches deep and add a layer of organic matter in the bottom. Place the tuber in the hole with the buds pointing up, as well as a stake for support, and carefully refill with soil.

Planting Tuber

Pinch Out Shoot Tips

Provide slug protection as young growth appears. When stems are 12 inches high, pinch out the top bud to encourage bushiness and lots of flowers.

Pinch Out Top Bud To Encourage Flowers

Frost Protection

As soon as the first light frost has blackened the leaves, cut off the foliage and dig up the tubers. Place them somewhere airy and frost free, so the stems can dry out fully.

Newly Dug Tubers


When dry, brush the soil off the tubers, label them clearly and plant them in wooden boxes or large pots of dry potting mix. Keep them in a cool, dry, frost-free place until you can plant them out again the following spring.

Store Tubers Until Spring

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