Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Designing a shady garden

Good tips for designing a shady garden:

  1. If you have a tree which is casting shade, try removing the bottom layer of branches to raise the canopy up and allow more light in.
  2. Brighten up the area by using pale stones, gravel or paving slabs to reflect light. You could also incorporate mirrors for a contemporary look! A pond or water feature is also a good way to reflect light and could be used to add a gentle trickling sound to your garden.
  3. Use plants with light or colourful foliage to lift your planting scheme. A good example is Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ which has bright yellow-green leaves.
  4. Plant pale flowers which will stand out and gleam in the border. Dark flowers will disappear in the gloom.
  5. If you would like a lawn, make sure you choose a seed mix or turf which is suitable for shady areas.
  6. Use texture to make the border more eye-catching. Incorporate different leaf shapes such as ferns, Hostas and grasses with your flowering plants.
  7. Try painting your walls, sheds or fences with a pale colour to instantly brighten the area. Try following the colour scheme of your planting to create harmony.


  1. Beautiful! What is the name of the potted large leaf plant that is 5 from the bottom?

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